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About Leeds Maths Tutor and the Maths Tuition we provide

Leeds Maths tutor has been developed from a long standing tutoring agency based in Harrogate. Our Maths tutors in Leeds are qualified, DBS checked and have the relevant experience and knowledge required to help our Leeds students succeed.

Our Leeds Maths tutors provide Maths tuition at KS2, KS3, GCSE and A level. We have a lot of experience working in the North and West Yorkshire area and our Maths tutors are familiar with the different exam boards that the Leeds schools use for their A Level and GCSE Maths courses, whether that be AQA, Edexcel, OCR or OCR MEI. Additionally our KS2 and KS3 Maths tutors know the Maths curriculum inside out; they are extremely competent and confident at every level.

Therefore whether you are looking for a GCSE Maths tutor in Leeds or A Level Maths tuition in Leeds, make sure you get in touch.

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KS2, KS3 GCSE and A Level Maths Revision Materials and Resources

Maths is a challenging yet rewarding subject. A Level Maths is considered to be one of the most difficult subjects you can select yet it is the most popular subject with more than 10% of A Level students choosing it each year. This is because employers and Universities appreciate the value of a student having a strong Maths background. Having excellent Maths qualifications in general suggests a student has the ability to problem solve which is a very desirable trait. Effective progress in Mathematics starts at an early age which is why Leeds Maths Tutor offers tuition for KS2 Maths all the way up to A Level Maths.

At Leeds Maths Tutor we have a unique approach to tutoring Maths. All of our Maths tutors in Leeds are dedicated to helping our pupils progress. From teaching the most effective ways to do long multiplication and long division to our KS2 pupils, to complex calculus to our A Level Maths students, our tutors are committed to delivering excellence. Our Maths tutors in Leeds all specialise at certain levels as we appreciate that the skills required to communicate maths effectively to a 10 year old is different to the skills required to tutor complex differentiation. We tend to have specialist KS2 Maths tutors, GCSE Maths tutors who also deliver KS3 Maths tuition as this feeds directly into the GCSE and most schools are now starting the new GCSE Maths syllabus teaching from year 9. Our A Level Maths tutors are all qualified to a higher level in Maths so not only are they Maths teachers but they have degree’s in Maths related disciplines. We believe it is important to have studied Maths at a higher level than the level you are teaching to ensure you have a full understanding of the methods and concepts enabling you to communicate these to students in the most efficient ways.

Numeracy Skills Test Tutors in Leeds | Practice Numeracy Skills Tests in Leeds

At Leeds Maths Tutor we are also expanding our expert maths services into a specialist area, the numeracy skills test. We have an affiliation with the country’s leading provider of professional numeracy skills tests and tuition. At Leeds Maths Tutor we are perfectly placed to help all prospective teachers gain confidence in their Maths abilities by showing you the most effective methods to overcome the timing challenges presented by the mental arithmetic section of the numeracy skills test whilst teaching you the topics required for the written section. From percentages to cumulative frequency curves, the numeracy skills test has many topics that are similar to those found in the GCSE Maths syllabus but the style of question and format are completely different. If you are looking for a numeracy skills tutor in Leeds or just want some additional revision resources to help you pass the numeracy skills test then please get in touch today.

if you are looking for a GCSE Maths tuition or an A Level Maths tutor in Leeds, think Leeds Maths Tutor.

Leeds Tutor Company


At Leeds Tutor Company we offer a plethora of professional tuition services throughout the Leeds area. We provide expert private tuition in the following subjects and levels:

For any services in the York area visit York Maths Tutor. Leeds Tutor Company is also happy to recommend QTS Maths Tutor, the leading website for numeracy skills tests in England. If you require numeracy skills test tuition in Leeds or you are simply looking for numeracy skills test resources, then QTS Maths Tutor can help.

Functional Skills level 2 Maths

Functional skills Maths is a GCSE equivalent for students who were unable to get grade C or Level 4 in Maths. This qualification is needed to gain access into a university course, as well as other course routes. We pride ourselves on working closely with a national provider of exams/courses to ensure we can offer the highest quality of support.

At Leeds Maths Tutor Company, one of our main focuses is GCSE maths as so many students need support with this subject. Not only do we help with tuition but we also recommend the very best GCSE maths revision materials. These materials include worksheets, GCSE maths questions and of course past papers. Ensuring your child has access to the best GCSE maths revision aids is essential in helping them to prepare most effectively for their exam. Access the materials today to support your child’s learning and contact Leeds Maths Tutor Company if you need any further input or support.

The links below will help you get started:

Level 2 Maths Online Exam

Level 2 Maths Resources


Leeds Maths Tutor FAQs

Yes we offer Maths tuition from A Level down to KS2 Maths.
Yes homework will be set to help accelerate learning and reinforce what has been covered in the lesson. In some circumstances where parents requests it, homework may not be set.
It is easy, just give Leeds Maths Tutor a call and we will ensure your child is placed with the most appropriate tutor for their needs.
Yes, all of our tuition is delivered on a one to one basis where the maths tutor travels to the students home to provide the lessons.
Yes all of our GCSE Maths tutors in Leeds are qualified and experienced.
We primarily focus on offering maths tuition in Leeds but we do have contacts with other local agencies who provide high quality English and Scince tuition as well.
Yes all of our Maths tutors are experienced at the level they teach and most tutors specialise at a given level, whether that be primary maths or A level.

We recommend the Nudge Maths Apps and maths games for children.


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