Leeds Maths Tutors offers sessions in maths and English for GCSE exams or GCSE equivalent exams such as BTEC, functional skills, NVQ and GCSE equivalency tests. GCSE equivalent exams have increased since are accepted by Universities and employers and these establishments require English and math GCSE or equivalent qualifications.

The two GCSE equivalent qualifications are GCSE equivalency tests and functional skills since they are different depending on why you need the qualification. If you require a GCSE equivalent qualification for a teacher training course, then GCSE equivalency tests are the best one for you since they cover the three main subjects (maths, English and science). However, if it isn’t a teacher training course that you are applying to, then functional skills is the best qualification for you since it is convenient to take and they offer maths and English exams. The last level in the functional skills exam, level 2, is the GCSE equivalent qualification. The UK government has a criteria for the functional skills course and if you meet their criteria then they fund the course for you and you will take the course in college. One of the requirements that you have to meet is you have to be 19 or younger. If you don’t meet the requirements then you have to sign up to the course on your own as an independent learner and fund it yourself.

GCSE exams are the best qualifications compared to GCSE equivalents but if you didn’t successfully gain them, it is hard to take since there are only two opportunities throughout the year that you can. Because of this, functional skills are better if you need the qualification soon for a job or to apply for a course since you can sit the exam whenever and get your results within 2 to 3 weeks. Also this exam is more convenient since you can take it at home, you can book the online functional skills exam with MME who will provide you with the cheapest exam provider. If you would like to sit the exam at your local testing centre, then MME can book that instead.