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Here at Leeds Maths Tutor we are setting up learners for success by providing them with a free Functional Skills level 2 Maths and English course, this course is considered a  GCSE equivalent qualification and will support the learner to develop and demonstrate the practical skills used in real life situations, the following article explains how you can access a free level 2 course, if you’ve simply decided on signing up now then follow the link below. 


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Free Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Course

Leeds Maths Tutor are offering a free Functional skills Maths level 2 course to all learners, this  GCSE equivalent course that  covers the fundamentals of the exam including: punctuation, spelling and grammar. The level 2 English qualification is broken down into 3 parts so you will sit the Reading, Writing as well as  the SLC, We make sure every learner is prepared by providing them with additional support for the speaking,listening and communicating component (SLC) as well as the Reading and Writing aspects, to gain immediate access to this course you have to complete the form located below. 


Free Functional Skills level 2 Course



Free Functional Skills English level 2 Course

Leeds Maths Tutor provides learners with a free Functional skills English level 2 course. The Functional skills level 2 course is a  GCSE equivalent qualification that covers the 3 main parts including both the reading and writing exams sections as well as the SLC section. We’re committed to helping learners achieve Functional skills by providing you with additional support for the reading and writing aspects as well as the speaking, listening and communicating component (SLC) part of the qualification.To register now for our free course simply sign up now by using the link below. 

Free Functional Skills Level 2 Online Course