No matter how old a student is and whatever their background may be, we at Leeds Maths Tutor aim to help everyone. They will need to study entry level 3 maths to progress through the functional skills maths qualifications. We will be supporting every learner who is going through this, including the teachers who will be making use of our resources to teach. This is a great tool for a range of people.


These materials include everything all students will need. It covers the whole curriculum for your entry level 3 maths revision and presents it in a manner that is easy to understand and navigate. Topics like Scales, Tally Charts and Number Patterns are covered in these. When going into a certain topic, students can go through the revision page and find useful things like practice questions and model solutions. The main page also has options for worksheets. This is great because it provides questions that are exam standard and can test your knowledge of a topic. There are also mark scheme answers to check your answers and see whether you are strong in that subject or not. It is very important to strengthen in the areas that you are struggling with. 


Entry level past papers are another great tool for after you have exhausted the entry level 3 maths resources. These present students with questions that are similar to what will appear in the exams. It allows them to practice with the mark scheme answers provided. Once all of these resources have been utilized fully, learners should look ahead to booking their entry level 3 exam so that they can proceed on to the functional skills after that. The option is there to go through level 1 but it is possible to jump straight to level 2 if they want to do that. We are here to guide students through the functional skills levels.