It is crucial for every student to get the best kind of resources and materials when looking to advance in their studies. We at the Leeds Maths Tutor provide exactly that to make sure they are getting the best out of their options for qualifications. A great qualification to consider is the increasingly popular functional skills courses. The maths and English courses that these qualifications have are GCSE equivalent which is an important part to remember when looking to proceed. Most Universities and employers accept functional skills as a qualification so you should be good to go. Whether you are looking to proceed into a higher form of education like nursing or joining the police, functional skills courses are a great thing to add to your applications.


Being Ofqual regulated is also a big thing to remember when looking around at functional skills course providers. The courses in maths and English that we put forward to students are all Ofqual regulated and have a great record in terms of passing rate. Learners will be put through a number of exercises covering the different topics, and will also then be presented with practice questions and exam questions as well. Not forgetting that there will also be video tutorials for direct explanations on how to solve problems and how to get the answers. 


Learners often have many questions about this form of qualifications, here are a few of the most frequently asked ones:


Do I need to be at a specific location to take the course?

No you do not. You are free to take the course from wherever you like, whether that be in a study space outside of home or from the comfort of your bedroom. 


Will I be accepted by Universities with Functional Skills qualifications?

Yes, you will be. As long as the qualification you have is Ofqual regulated then it will be accepted as a GCSE equivalent.


Is there a specific GCSE equivalent of Functional Skills?

The GCSE equivalent of functional skills is a level 4 or GCSE grade C. 


How long does it take to fully complete a course?

There is a recommended study time of 50 hours for maths and the same for English. So you are looking at a total of around 100 hours to complete.