At Leeds Maths Tutor we support all students in their paths to gaining qualifications. Depending on what course or career you are looking to proceed in, getting the right qualifications is the first step to be taken. The key to this are the GCSE equivalency tests. Especially for specific paths like entering into teaching, nursing, midwifery or a PGCE. International students who have no GCSE qualifications in maths, English or science are also pushed towards this as it is the perfect option to proceed. These tests are up to the standard of GCSE exam board specifications like AQA and Edexcel for quality assurance. The main difference being that these are adapted and adjusted to be easier to study and learn within a shorter period of time. 


Something to keep in mind in regards to these exams is that there are many different GCSE equivalency test providers and there are only two that are accepted by all major Universities. The advice that we give to all our learners is to stick with the two main providers with A Star Equivalency being the one we mostly recommend. All instructions and details will be sent through email before your exam once you have booked an exam day. The exams can be taken 6 days a week so all learners have the freedom of choice as to when they want to take it, with various different time slots available. It can also be taken from home with the use of online invigilation which is a big plus for many busy people. Results should be returned within two weeks with a certificate that proves that you have passed. The certificates will also have their own unique codes to verify the qualification. 


We want all students to feel confident and prepared when heading into their equivalency exams. To do that it is very important to identify the areas a learner needs support with first before anything else. We have dedicated tutors who would be happy to assist you in any subject such as maths, English and science. If you need more information about this, feel free to contact us.