We understand that all learners need support with all the core subjects such as English, maths and science. We at Leeds Maths Tutor are here to provide that. Today, we want to discuss GCSE biology revision. Biology is a mixed bag when it comes to how students think of it but to put it simply, some people enjoy it and some just really struggle. While there are less mathematical problems, there are more facts to learn and remember. The best way to prepare for GCSE biology exams is the same with any subject, to have access to the best learning and study materials. We offer different ways for people to learn including 1-2-1 tuition and some great GCSE biology revision materials.


With the internet being as good as it is, you can easily find many different biology resources to use in your study time. Yes you can use any of these but finding materials that are going to be the most effective is the tricky part. It can sometimes depend on what kind of learner a person is, what situation they are in and how they respond to different learning methods. To start off, we recommend going through a revision guide or online revision notes through MME. You will then need to work your way through some practice questions to get a measurement of how good your knowledge is on the topic. Depending on how many times a learner does this, it should eventually result in them gaining confidence. They can then proceed onto harder exam-like questions to see how good they are in exam conditions. This will present them with contextualised questions with varying scenarios to see if students can identify what knowledge it is testing. Lastly, learners can also move onto the biology past papers to finish their GCSE biology revision.


At Leeds Maths Tutor we have many services to best assist everyone in their journey for qualifications. We also have tutors that offer support in the major exam boards such as AQA and Edexcel. Get in touch today for more information.