At Leeds Maths Tutor we support all of our students through many different study materials and resources as well as the 1-2-1 tuition we provide. As part of our services we set homework and marking work for learners and give them access to the best possible resources to aid them in their revision. The part that we want to talk about today is the GCSE maths revision materials that can be used outside of classes for extra learning.


Some people love taking GCSE maths, but not everyone does. The people who struggle often have low self-esteem and along with this low self-esteem comes little willingness to study and persevere. It can be a rather challenging subject that demands complete concentration to absorb all of the information. The lack of easily accessible, high-quality GCSE maths resources for students to use is another aspect that contributes to it. There are numerous websites that they can utilise for studying, not all of them offer a level of quality that will adequately get students fully ready for the final exams. MME Revise is a platform that we promote to everyone as we have used what they offer in their free GCSE maths revision before and they hit the high standards that students need. They contain the usual GCSE paper questions you might anticipate as well as additional materials like thorough revision notes that cover everything you need to know. When you are confident and competent with a topic, you can then go on to the next one. You will then get to the point where you want to challenge yourself and you can do that through the provided exam-style questions. A great way to prepare as they mimic what may come out in the exams. The past papers should be left until the last days of preparation so that you can simulate an exam setting and gain a sense of what to expect when sitting them.


The importance of getting the right resources and study materials is very high. If you want more information on this and the services we provide, please get in touch.