We at the Leeds Maths Tutor provide all kinds of support for all learners when it comes to functional skills English qualifications. For the people that do not have GCSE English grade C or above, functional skills is the perfect option. Especially if it is a requirement so that they can move forward in their desired course or career. 


Functional skills English qualifications have been designed to help people improve their English language skills that they will most likely end up using in everyday life situations. There are many different awarding bodies that offer these qualifications like City and Guilds, Pearson Edexcel and Open Awards. It covers many aspects of the English language including speaking and listening with others and reading and writing. Depending on how you progress, there are different levels for a learner to tackle from the entry level 1 to level 2. It is a great option for learners of different ages and backgrounds who need an alternative to the traditional English qualification like GCSEs. 


We also think it is important that the learning taking place can actually be applied to different situations a person may find themselves in. Just a few examples of this could be applying for a job, writing a letter of complaint or giving presentations on topics of their choice. Confidence needs to be built so that learners can do this without issue. Functional skills English assessments are usually taken on a computer but there are paper-based options for those who prefer it. 


Getting the right qualifications is important for everyone and is highly valued by many employers and Universities these days. Especially as having the right English qualifications shows that learners have the practical English language skills required to proceed in their careers. If you are interested in Functional Skills English qualifications or have any questions in general please get in touch with us as soon as you can.