2 Dec

Functional Skills Initial Assessment

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Here at Leeds Maths Tutor we have helped many learners progress in their individual careers and we pride ourselves on being one of the best at doing it. This is done through different kinds of services such as 1-2-1 tuition and the top tier of functional skills maths and English study materials and resources. The [...]

23 Nov

GCSE Maths Revision

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At Leeds Maths Tutor we support all of our students through many different study materials and resources as well as the 1-2-1 tuition we provide. As part of our services we set homework and marking work for learners and give them access to the best possible resources to aid them in their revision. The part [...]

8 Nov

Free Functional Skills Maths and English Level 2 Courses

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Here at Leeds Maths Tutor we provide the best support for learners who are looking to gain qualifications in all the major subjects such as maths, English and Science. The services that we offer are always growing and developing and a part that we want to talk about today is helping students find free functional [...]

2 Nov

A Level Maths Past Papers

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If you are looking for support in any of the core subjects like English, Science or maths, we at Leeds Maths Tutor would be more than happy to help. We have many different resources that can be useful for all students. A tool that we would like to highlight today is the A level maths [...]

17 Oct

GCSE Biology Past Papers

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At Leesmathstutor, our goal is to give all of our learners the help and support they need to do well in their exams. We have found that in terms of GCSE Biology specifically, one of the most important revision tools is exam papers as it allows you to get an insight into what the exam [...]

28 Sep

Free Functional Skills Diagnostic Assessment

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Here at the Leeds Maths Tutors, we want to ensure that everyone in the Leeds area is given all the support possible regarding Mathematics exams. While usually for us, that means providing high-quality, 1-2-1 tutoring. It does also include other services of ours which are less known about. Such as these blogs, where we cover [...]

16 Sep

GCSE Resits

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This year results day has left many students disspaointerdf and made enquiries about a GCSE resit in maths and English. If a learner has not obtained a grade 4 in either subject then we recommend them resitting or to consider an alternative.   Here at Leedsmathstutor, we have an impressive pass rate so our learners [...]

1 Sep

The Multiply Scheme

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Learners of all ages can still gain qualifications if they really want to and we at the Leeds Maths Tutor are here to provide support for everyone. A key part of what we do recently has been improving adult numeracy skills with the help of functional skills maths level 2 support. The government is also [...]

12 Aug

GCSE Biology Revision

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We understand that all learners need support with all the core subjects such as English, maths and science. We at Leeds Maths Tutor are here to provide that. Today, we want to discuss GCSE biology revision. Biology is a mixed bag when it comes to how students think of it but to put it simply, [...]

4 Aug

Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Book

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At Leeds Maths Tutor, we provide support for all learners that are trying to earn their qualifications. Specifically with a focus on maths and English. While there may be quite a few options to proceed in education, the most popular at the moment is Functional skills. It is a great alternative to GCSEs due to [...]