20 Sep

GCSE Equivalents

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Leeds maths tutors are determined to help you with different advantages. With GCSE equivalent exams, there are a number of exams to choose from and can seem overwhelming, but we have put together some general guidelinesass any exam you may have, however when choosing your exam, it is important to keep in mind what you [...]

27 Aug

Pass Functional Skills

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At Leeds Maths Tutors, we collaborate with Pass Functional Skills to ensure our learners receive their functional skills qualifications.If you're looking for assistance with your preparation with your functional skills exam then this is the right service for you.   For those who do not have a grade C or level 4 in GCSE maths [...]

20 Aug

Online Functional Skills Maths

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Online Functional Skills Maths Introduction Online functional skills maths revision is gaining popularity all the time because of its flexibility and convenient format, the Covid-19 pandemic has altered everyone's lives and behavior that was already shifting towards online learning so the pandemic has only helped speed up the shift to online exams. Now from the [...]

18 Aug

Equivalency Testing Price

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At Leeds Maths Tutor we partner with prospective trainee teachers to assist them get onto an initial teacher training course. Within the requirements of becoming a teacher it is required you have a GCSE in maths and English at grade C or level 4. For international students and those who have not achieved a GCSE [...]

4 Aug

GCSE English Equivalency test past papers

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Here at Leeds Maths Tutor we ensure people are prepared for their English equivalency test. We offer our assistance from providing expert English tutors to recommending the very best resources.    In order to prepare for any exam, getting access to the best resources is important and the equivalency tests are no different. A very [...]

30 Jul

Free Functional Skills Courses

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Free Functional Skills Courses   Here at Leeds Maths Tutor we are setting up learners for success by providing them with a free Functional Skills level 2 Maths and English course, this course is considered a  GCSE equivalent qualification and will support the learner to develop and demonstrate the practical skills used in real life [...]

4 May

Equivalency Testing

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Leeds Maths Tutors are working together with A Star Equivalency now to offer you English, Maths, Combined Science and Biology equivalency exams and courses. A Star equivalency is a widely recognised exam body amongst the majority of training course providers across the country that can help you to gain access onto your desired further education [...]

21 Apr

GCSE Maths Books

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Leeds Maths Tutors want to help you or your child and support you through your GCSE Maths learning process in every way that we possibly can. Being a maths tutor company, a big focus for us is GCSE Maths exams and the revision needed for success when taking those exams. In order to offer the [...]

29 Mar

GCSE English Equivalency Test

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At Leeds Maths Tutor we have teamed up with MME to provide the GCSE English Equivalency test. This course can provide trainee teachers access to teacher training courses to start them on their journey to becoming a fully qualified teacher in the UK as well as providing others with access to higher education and more [...]

24 Jan

Teacher Assessed Grades 2021

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The government has cancelled the 2021 GCSE summer exams and teacher assessed grades are being given to students that attend a college or school instead. GCSE grades are important for many things such as employment, A levels and University. Unfortunately, if you don’t attend either of these establishments and you are an adult learner, not [...]