Here at Leeds Maths Tutors, we pride ourselves in our outstanding tuition services to help our students prepare for their upcoming maths exams. We provide an excellent 1-to-1 tutoring service with a selection of highly qualified tutors who all have plenty of experience and are dedicated to helping you pass your exams by planning out custom revision sessions in any area you request. We also have a variety of revision materials to recommend to our students. All of this is to help you prepare for your functional skills level 2 maths online exam.


The Functional Skills Level 2 in Maths is the equivalent of a GCSE, making this a highly sought after qualification for employers and universities alike. Most college and university courses as well as employers require a minimum of a GCSE in maths, and by achieving a pass grade in this exam it will massively open up your opportunities for the future. To pass this exam, you will be required to achieve a level 4, or a C, but to achieve this grade, we believe a sufficient amount of revision is required. One of our most popular and successful revision materials that we recommend is the MME functional skills maths level 2 revision cards that are available to purchase on the MME website.


The Functional skills revision cards are a great way to curate key information from the syllabus, simplify that information, and communicate it in a memorable way. The purpose of revision cards is to make the information memorable, and we believe that the MME functional skills revision cards have this in spades, allowing for easy access to revision. The revision cards are also designed with portability in mind, allowing our students to revise wherever they go.