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Leeds Maths Tutor provides expert one to one private maths tuition at all levels including GCSE and A level exams. Our Maths tutors are fully qualified, have up to date DBS checks and the experience you need to help you succeed! Additionally all of our tutors specialise at the level they teach. This is extremely important as a KS2 tutor requires a different set of skills to that of a GCSE Maths tutor. So what every type of Maths tutor in Leeds you are looking for, think Leeds Maths Tutor!

The following describe the different levels of Maths we tutor and what this involves:

KS3 Maths Tuition in Leeds

It is very important to get the correct Maths basics and concepts in place at Key stage three before moving onto GCSE Maths. We often find the help students require at GCSE is due to a lack of knowledge from KS3 which can be a result of a number of things from poor teaching to a lack of confidence. To enquire more about Leeds Maths Tutors KS3 tuition contact us.

GCSE Maths Tuition in Leeds

There have been many changes to the GCSE exam syllabus including an overhaul of the grading system which now runs from 1-9. 9 is a level above an A* and is there to differentiate between the students at the top end as until now students achieving 85% and 100% on an exam would achieve the same grade.

The GCSE C grade equivalent is being set at grade 5 which is what all students will need to get in order to continue on to further education. The mandatory re-sits for those students who do not get the desired Maths level, are being reviewed by the government and could be changed in the near future. At Leeds Maths Tutor, we have a 100% success rate at Maths GCSE A*-C and expect the trend of all of our students passing, to continue with the new grading system which will applied to the Maths GCSE exams in 2017 and thereafter.

A level Maths Tuition in Leeds

A level Maths is possibly the most demanding A level. Our Leeds Maths tutors often see students who require A to A* in their final A level Maths exams in order to get in to their first choice universities which can sometimes be Oxford and Cambridge. This pressure leads many to look for a Maths tutor with the right experience to help them navigate the A* questions which almost all students struggle on. At Leeds Maths tutor we have expert A level tutors who design original content to help stretch students in order to be able to cope with the most demanding questions.

We also have tutors who design A level Maths questions for the major exam boards, AQA, Edexcel, OCR  and OCR MEI. This means they are very well equipped to know the style of questions that are specific to your exam board. For Maths tuition in Leeds Contact Us and book an introductory Maths lesson today!.