If you are looking for help with your numeracy skills tests in Leeds then you have come to the right place. At Leeds Maths Tutor we are affiliated with a national website who the best numeracy skills tests and practise resources available anywhere online! QTS Maths Tutor also provide expert online tuition for the numeracy skills test. At Leeds Maths Tutor we only offer face to face tuition, but if you are interested in online QTS Maths tuition then QTS Maths Tutor will provide this service.

The numeracy skills test can be taken in a number of different testing centres in the Leeds area, the specific destinations can be found through the governments website: http://sta.education.gov.uk/professional-skills-tests/numeracy-skills-tests. The STA site also offer access to 4 free tests but these are only useful for sitting mock exams and aren’t great when it comes to practising for the test as the timer and inability to skip questions mean that it is really awkward when you want to skip questions or practise a certain question type. For this reason we recommend QTS Maths Tutor for all numeracy skills resources including practise tests and practise questions by topic. QTS Maths Tutor’s numeracy skills tests all follow the governments guidelines and contain all the topics and question types that are likely to appear in your professional numeracy skills test.

As part of your numeracy skills test preparation it is advisable to invest into some descent resources that will cover all of the questions within the professional qts skills test. A good way to start revising is to purchase a numeracy skills test book which describes and explains how each topic works. The after using the books you are best moving onto the free numeracy and literacy skills tests that are available online and then possibly even purchase a test package to give you the very best practise.

At Liverpool Tutor Company we recommend Trigonometry Revision. We also recommend a Numerical Reasoning Tutor if you are practising for you KPMG numerical reasoning test. As well as that we provide access to the very best professional QTS Skills Test resources.

For more information regarding the PGCE Maths test and tuition relating to this please contact Leeds Maths Tutor today! If you are searching for numeracy skills tests then visit www.QTSMathsTutor.co.uk

As part of the QTS Maths Tutor service the tuition helps you to become numeracy ready, which means you are confident and ready to sit your numeracy skills test. With Leeds Maths Tutor tuition, and QTS Maths Tutor tests we believe this gives you the best chance of passing the numeracy skills test.

Below are a list of common questions that people ask regarding the numeracy skills test:

What is the pass mark for the numeracy skills test?

The pass mark can vary from test to test depending on the difficulty. As an average the pass mark for the professional numeracy skills test appears to be 18 marks out of 28.

How do you pass the numeracy skills test?

Well this is different depending on the individual. Some people can practice a few tests and sit the exam and pass whilst others need more practice and in some cases some external support. If you take the government numeracy skills practice tests and record what marks you achieve, this will give you a good idea of how much extra practice and support you will need.

How do I book my professional numeracy skills test?

Visit Learndirect and register. As part of their online system you will be able to book your skills test.

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