Leeds Maths Tutors helps people to prepare for functional skills English level 2 exams. Functional Skills are equivalent to a GCSE, which makes this a very valuable opportunity, as employers across the UK are always looking for those with a GCSE equivalent in English. Many colleges and universities are also looking for GCSE equivalents as requirements for many of their courses, making this qualification very lucrative indeed.

This functional skills exam is provided by MME, who will be conducting the exam online. This means that you can take the exam from anywhere so long as you have a computer or laptop with a working webcam and microphone on a stable internet connection. To take the functional skills exam, you will be required to be in a video call with one of our Ofqual-approved invigilators for the entire duration of the exam.

The qualification itself will require you to pass 3 separate exams. These exams are as follows: Reading, Writing, and Speaking, Listening and Communication. Each of these exams will be covering different areas of knowledge and will be testing your abilities to answer their varied questions. The Reading exam will require you to read through a selection of texts and you will be asked questions regarding the information in the text. The Writing exam will require you to read a scenario given to you and respond to it in a form of creative writing. Finally, the Speaking, Listening and Communication exam or SLC will require you to give a presentation to an invigilator and 3 other learners about a given topic sent to you prior to your exam. You will need to pass all 3 of these exams to earn your qualification.

Once you have finished your exams, the exam board will give you your results within 16 working days, telling you if you have passed or failed, along with a percentage score for each of the sections that you completed for the exam.

MME provide prices for the functional skills level 2 English online exam on their website. The cheapest price for this exam is priced at £225, which will include the opportunity to take the exams themselves, as well as revision materials to help you pass your exams, including past papers, revision cards and a login to an online revision platform.

Pass Functional Skills is an alternative provider that we also highly recommend for Functional Skills English Level 2 exams.