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If you are looking for a primary maths tutor in Leeds then Leeds Maths Tutor is the company to contact. We have expert primary maths tutors who are qualified and experienced so are well positioned to help your child progress with their studies and reach their potential. From basic counting, addition and subtraction to multiplication, long division and basic algebra, our primary teachers cover all aspects of the KS1 and KS2 curriculum. We work with all abilities of children and even have specialist support for children with learning difficulties and SEN students. If you are looking for a primary maths tutor in Leeds, then contact us today.

KS3 Maths Tutors | KS3 Maths Tuition in Leeds

For KS3 maths tuition in Leeds contact Leeds Tutor Company. We have a team of dedicated and professional maths tutors in Leeds. We teach all ages and abilities. We ensure that each and every lesson is planned meticulously and is aimed at the addressing the weaknesses of the individual child. If your child is in year 7, 8 or 9 and requires help with their maths, then one of our expert key stage three maths tutors will be able to help. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and book an introductory lesson for your son or daughter.

GCSE Maths Tutors | GCSE Maths Tuition in Leeds

We have expert GCSE maths tutors in Leeds who have exceptional results at GCSE level. We have a 1005 success rate in helping students to achieve a level 4-9 in their GCSE exams with the average pupil attaining 1.5 grades above their predicted grade. We provide professional, private maths tuition in Leeds to children from all backgrounds and abilities. Whether your child loves maths and is aiming for a level 9 or they find it really difficult and just want to pass, we have GCSE maths tutors in Leeds with the expertise to help. Contact us today to book an introductory lesson with one of our experts.

A Level Maths Tutors | Leeds Maths Tutor

Our A Level maths tutors in Leeds are well versed with the new course and different exam boards. Whether you require a an A level maths or further maths tutor in Leeds, we can help. From complex vector problems to trigonometry and calculus, a lot is covered in the new A level maths course. Our maths tutors can help with all areas of the course whether that be core maths, stats or mechanics based. Contact us today to book an A level maths tutor in Leeds who will travel to you to deliver private maths tuition in the comfort of your own home.