Here at Leeds Maths Tutors, we pride ourselves on providing information about the different services and exams that are available to you (alongside our actual tutoring services). Today we will be going over functional skills, covering everything you need to know about what it is, as well as the exams. In essence, it is an equivalent qualification that is the same as a passing GCSE grade in either Maths or English. Used by those who were unable, for whatever reason, to receive a passing grade in their actual GCSEs. Opening up access to higher education, as well as better job opportunities.


The required exam will be very difficult, especially so for those who have not covered the material in some time. That is where we come in! Our tutoring services will ensure that you are a prepared as possible in preparation for your exam(s). The specialized Maths tutors will provide 1 to 1 tutoring to prepare you for every question that could appear in your Maths exam. As well as offering assistance with:

  • Subject Tutoring
  • Revision tips/resources
  • Booking the exam itself
  • Preparing for the exam day


The exam itself will be taken online from the comfort of your own home. However, will be still taken in exam conditions with an invigilator ensuring these conditions are met. We will ensure you are properly informed of these conditions to ensure you are completely ready for the exam. Contact us today to get more information regarding our services, as well as about the exam itself.