For those people who are wanting to proceed into higher education or further their job opportunities, functional skills exams are the perfect qualifications. We at the Leeds Maths Tutor want to help you achieve it. These are equivalent to a GCSE grade C and will open up many paths for learners to go down. Having the correct qualifications is very important for many different jobs and applying to University. Today, we want to discuss what the functional skills exams are and why they are important for learners who need them. 


The functional skills qualifications are a big part of the education system here in the UK. They are made to cover and assess the basic knowledge and skills a person has that may be required for life and work. This includes English, maths and ICT (information and communication technology). So it is important that everyone taking it understands what they are getting and how the preparation process should go.


What are the Functional Skills Exams?


This qualification tests the practical skills of a person in English, maths and ICT. There are different levels available to learners, from entry level 1 to level 2 and will be accepted by most employers and Universities in the UK. They are made to test their practical skills that can be applied to many different real-life situations like reading and writing emails to using spreadsheets and calculating budgets.


Why are the Functional Skills Exams important?


They are important because they make sure that learners are prepared with the right skills to succeed in their future careers. Employers and Universities highly desire this as it shows that they are capable enough of handling different situations they may be put in. Several jobs require it and some courses in University do as well so it is a great qualification to have.


They can also be thought of as a second chance to those who didn’t gain the necessary qualifications in the past. Especially for those who maybe struggled with English, maths and ICT. This gives them that opportunity to progress with the right skills for their careers.


How to prepare for the Functional Skills Exams


It will need a good amount of studying and practice to make sure that learners are fully prepared. To do this you will need the best resources and that is why we recommend Pass Functional Skills to provide that support. If you have any questions in regards to this, please contact us at your earliest convenience.